We start with the TMS (Topical Memory System) offered by the Navigators AND our own set of verses called the Promises of Hope (POH) and also Proverbs (P).  We usually will start with TMS first but there are some situations where it is best to start with the POH  or Proverbs.  Our key emphasis of mentoring with training for making disciple-making disciples.

Topical Memory System (TMS):

The Topical Memory System (TMS) was developed by the Navigators.  There are 60 verses in 5 sections (A-E) with 12 verses in each section.  You will need to print the list offered below or you can order the TMS cards from Navpress.com.   Another option is to download the NavsTMS app for $4.99 to review the verses on your phone.  Check with your App Store for this download.

 Theological Themes offered in the Topical Memory System:
A – Live the New Life
(Christ the Center; Obedience to Christ; The Word; Prayer; Fellowship; Witnessing)

B – Proclaim Christ
(All Have Sinned; Sin’s Penalty; Christ Paid the Penalty; Salvation is not by Works; Must Receive Christ; Assurance of Salvation)

C – Rely on God’s Resources
(His Spirit; His Strength; His Faithfulness; His Peace; His Provision; His Help in Temptation)

D – Be Christ’s Disciples
(Put Christ First; Separate from the World; Be Steadfast; Serve Others; Give Generously; Develop World Vision)

E – Grow in Christ-likeness
(Love; Humility; Purity; Honesty; Faith; Good Works

Click to print the Topical Memory System (TMS) – Categories & Verses.
There are five sections which you will need to title A-E.  Each section has a main theme and every two verses has a sub theme.  Please # the verses in each section 1-12.  So you will start with A1, then A2, then B1, etc.

Memory Practice Form
We have adopted the highly recommended plan to encourage everyone to write out each verse until it is truly memorized.  Tap on Memory Practice Form to print and make copies for this use.  It shouldn’t take more than 5 times for each verse.

Digital views of the 60 verses in this pack of memory cards:

TMS – A1
TMS – A2
TMS – A3
TMS – A4
TMS – A5
TMS – A6
TMS – A7
TMS – A8
TMS – A9
TMS -A10
TMS – A11
TMS -A12

TMS – B1
TMS – B2
TMS – B3
TMS – B4
TMS – B5
TMS – B6
TMS – B7
TMS – B8
TMS – B9
TMS – B10
TMS – B11
TMS – B12

TMS – C1
TMS – C2
TMS – C3
TMS – C4
TMS – C5
TMS – C6
TMS – C7
TMS – C8
TMS – C9
TMS -C10
TMS – C11
TMS -C12

TMS – D1
TMS – D2
TMS – D3
TMS – D4
TMS – D5
TMS – D6
TMS – D7
TMS – D8
TMS – D9
TMS -D10
TMS – D11
TMS -D12

TMS – E1
TMS – E2
TMS – E3
TMS – E4
TMS – E5
TMS – E6
TMS – E7
TMS – E8
TMS – E9
TMS – E10
TMS – E11
TMS -E12