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Other Ways to Give


We are inviting you and your friends to help generate new funding for us (Healthy Initiative Ministries/Biblical Mentoring) by switching your energy and/or wireless services.

You will be generating additional funding to support the mission of Biblical Mentoring every month when you pay monthly for your services (energy, wireless, reward card, home security and more). You will probably even save monthly for these services.

Energy services (electricity and natural gas) are offered in several states while wireless and other services are offered nationally using the t-Mobile network.

Switch&Support is offered by us as a non-profit that passes on the majority of the funds received to the preferred non-profits while keeping the balance for the operating expenses and for their mission.  100% of the funds support nonprofits.

Learn more or sign up at  HIM will be automatically selected as your preferred organization for us to support in this program.  Then proceed to switch your services as offered.

Support is available to assist you with switching or signing up for a new service if needed. You may call our Support specialists at 866-447-8732 in Dallas after you attempt to switch your services online.  It is important that you tell Support you are signing up for the Switch&Support account.  There is no need to mention the nonprofit you wish to support.  Our system will capture that important information.

Call me at 615-238-4035 or email if help is still needed or to get more information. Thanks, Ron.


We can offer income tax receipts for non-cash donations that we can then liquidate to generate additional operating funds.  Call to discuss if we have the capacity to consider your donated vehicle.  Some of our donated vehicles have been initiated by those making a referral to those looking for a non-profit to make a donation of this kind.