Proverbs (Wisdom for Life).  Our second set of verses has  been completed.   There are 31 verses – one per chapter of Book of Proverbs.  This can be a 31 day or 31 week-long study of wisdom literature as offered by Solomon – the wisest man who ever lived. This set can be utilized by those who are at the point in life where this type of study is most needed – which is ideally in one’s youth taught by parents – but honestly at all times of life.    Throughout history,  men of wisdom, depended on the principles of truth found in this valuable book.   I was blessed to be mentored by a friend with a weekly study of a commentary of Proverbs by Ray Ortlund, Jr.

As always, we offer these after many hours of preparation and prayer in anticipation that those who benefit, or wish to make them available to others, will send a donation using our PAY-IT-FORWARD (DONATE) page.  Thanks, Ron

31 Weeks of Wisdom

The Book of Proverbs is known as the book of Wisdom and generally ascribed to Solomon as its author, however, it is clear that other authors were also providentially used to write some of the chapters. The nature of this book of wisdom is to sometimes simply state a truth or general promise, sometimes to virtually ‘taunt’ the reader into understanding and moving from ways of the world to the ways of God, and sometimes providing contrasts –all to paint life situations we can relate to and move from unwise choices to a life shaped by wise choices.

Practical living according to the wisdom of God always leads to success, sometimes in this life, sometimes delayed to the time when we will be with Our Lord in eternity. As you read and pray through Proverbs, do not go it alone.  Rather, team with someone one-on-one, perhaps your spouse or family, or with a small group.  When you read, ask God to reveal how the chapter applies to you, your life, your family, your work.  Never read to find what you can share with others, but make your time in Proverbs your time with God for personal spiritual growth and fellowship with God. Let God’s Word speak to your heart and mind.  From that approach, you will be prepared to share your personal struggles, successes, and applications with the person or group you have teamed with for mutual encouragement and deepen your relationship with God and others. But keep in mind that you read for your time with God.

May your 31 Weeks of Wisdom help you grow in knowledge, wisdom, discretion, virtue, fruitfulness, and joy.  May the simple become wise and the wise become even more wise as you base more and more of your life and character on the fear of the Lord as described in the Book of Proverbs.


Week 1:

On your own:  Read Chapter 1 daily during the week leading up to your time with your person or group, and memorize the memory verse (P1).  Ask God to show you his ways and wisdom for your life each day as you read.

When you meet:

  • each of you quote the verse to reinforce your memorization.
  • Pray, Read through the chapter together.
  • Share what God has spoken to you throughout your week of reading and prayer.
  • Together, read the verse (P2) for Week 2 from Proverbs 2

Assignment for the week:

  • Memorize the assigned verse for the next chapter, and
  • Read the next chapter daily until your next meeting.
  • Meet next week ready to quote the verse and share what God has taught you.

Following Weeks:

Use the same process each week throughout the 31 chapters in the Book of Proverbs.  Use the memory cards provided and your Bible to help you memorize each week, or use the web pages below.

By the Grace of God, may you grow in wisdom and character as you work through the Book of Proverbs.

Week 1 Memory Verse and Chapter 1.


Click for PDF list of Memory Verses – Proverbs


Coming Soon:  This list of verses with links to an jpg image will be completed soon.