The Danny Schunk Family:

What a neat loving family!  I started by reaching out to Blake (in the white shirt) at LifeTime Fitness in 2020.  We started the weekly mentoring / training sessions then and are still working through different verse packs waiting until he is confident he has learned the skills to start mentoring others. (Note:  we trust in the Holy Spirit – our teacher, to give the knowledge).   Blake has finished the Topical Memory System (TMS) verses and the Hope verses and the Proverbs memory verses.  We just started on the new Shorter Catechism + Memory Verses.  Blake is contributing to this ministry by serving on the Board.

Note:  I say “mentor / train” because we are not seeking to offer spiritual growth without the insistence that we are training the trainers so to speak.  We encourage those seeking only to grow and not be trained to mentor / train others to continue with many other ways to gain spiritual growth.  Our mission is to train the trainers as Jesus commanded to grow (expand) His Kingdom.

Blake’s Dad – Danny, started sensing the spiritual growth of his son and knowing that he also needed this growth asked if I would mentor / train him to grow like Blake and then one day also make disciple-making disciples.   We started Danny’s training in 2022.  He just finished  the 60 TMS verses (one verse per week) and have just started the Hope set of memory verses – the set that Blake requested we develop together to be used with rehab patients. (BTW, very few trainees catch the fuller vision or plan early on but work toward gaining the confidence from our weekly sessions.  It seems that Danny is beginning to see the bigger picture with plans for a person to mentor / train).

Next – Blake’s Mom, Wendy, not wanting to be “left behind”, asked that I mentor / train her as well starting in 2023.  So, three separate 30-minute weekly training calls – an investment that will certainly pay off in ways that only God knows.  The goal is to get and keep them trained to mentor / train other family members and friends moving forward.

Both Blake,  Danny & Wendy are graciously offering Pay-It-Forward donations to BM so that others can benefit from this training.  Pretty neat story – one that can be repeated many times by myself and those who get trained to go and “make disciple-making disciples”, the commission or charge Jesus gave His people called the church.  (The church is not a building or an organization but the people of God).
Amen, Ron


BUV’s / Farm-to-Market (F2M) Tractors:  

F2M (Farm-to-Market) Tractor (BUV Ministry), designed by Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT), offered by BUV Ministry –  Biblical Mentoring is offering the Biblical (Discipleship) Training / Mentoring for trainers to train the drivers and owner operators.   This plan was envisioned  about 15 years ago.  


Ron, Silas from Cameroon, Africa, Chris and Will Austin in Indianapolis at the BUV Factory (Nov, ’23).  By God’s Grace, I am proceeding to mentor Silas, his two sons Shelter and Humble as trainers to do Biblical Mentoring training, mentoring and coaching of the BUV – F2M (Farm2Market) Tractor drivers or owner operators carrying crops from the fields to the market.  These drivers will be encouraged and equipped to serve as “chaplains” in the marketplace.