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2023 Lively Update

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December, 2023

Biblical Mentoring as applied in our context serves as a guide for individuals actively engaged in weekly thirty-minute phone training sessions centered on interpreting the Bible and applying its teachings to daily life.   •What does it say? •What does it say about Jesus? • What does that mean in my life?
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The emphasis is on training participants for lifelong discipleship, prioritizing multiplication over mere spiritual growth. The mentorship nurtures individuals responding to Jesus Christ’s call, guiding them to become disciples inspired by the Holy Spirit. They share God’s Truth from the Bible to reconcile others to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit within an evolving personal ministry context. The ultimate goal is to teach, model, and multiply the craft of being a lifelong student who globally mentors, trains, and coaches disciple-making disciples.  We have almost 50 participants so far having added 12 more in 2023. There are 22 who are currently active.

  We use the one-to-one or life-to-life model of discipleship training.

Despite challenges, the past year has been positive, though there are ongoing struggles from my serious fall last October. I am grateful for the prayers and support.  While financial support has improved, there is still a considerable distance to cover. This ministry relies on a Pay-It-Forward approach for volunteer support, offering no-cost training sessions for those unable to pay and inviting others to support ongoing sessions. Your prayers and support are sought to further advance this mission.

Join me in praising God for the development of several sets of memory/review cards, with additional sets being developed for 2024. The digital verse cards are available on the Biblical Mentoring website.

(An example of the memory verse cards – now digital.)

The weekly training calls to Africa involve a partnership with BUV/Farm-To-Market Tractor companies where training transforms owner operators or drivers into chaplains in the marketplace.

The BUV/Farm-To-Market Tractor is designed and produced by the Institute for Affordable Transportation / BUV Ministry based in Indianapolis.  I am working to provide the mentoring to two organizations.  One in Liberia and the other in Cameroon.

Please consider our Pay-It-Forward giving program, or Impact Health Sharing (an improved but less costly full comprehensive plan) to save on your health coverage costs while generating funds for Biblical Mentoring at the same time. (This is my side job).

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To donate, use @ronlively for Venmo and for PayPal.

Make checks payable to HIM or Biblical Mentoring and mail to:  2750 Hanover Drive | Thompsons Station, TN  37179

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