Convictions about the Need for Biblical Mentoring:

Our challenge is to learn to feed our souls spiritually.  The Word of and by God is the nourishment needed by our souls as the people of God to develop Godly character. What we feed our spirits daily shapes who and what we are and do (our character).  As believers in Christ and His work of Redemption on the cross for our salvation, our attitudes and actions are directly influenced and guided by the Spirit of Truth with the Word of Truth (Scripture).  We have to open the doors of our hearts and minds to Christ Jesus and the Spirit and then seek to maintain an unbroken communion (oneness) with God.  Our sins can affect our communion with God and others if not confessed.  Personal peace is possible only when there is no anxiety about the well-being and future of our souls.  For example, Scripture teaches that coveting the material things, talents and privileges of others causes anxiety and unhappiness – lack of contentment.   True contentment comes from a relationship with Christ Jesus and having faith in Him.  Then you will have everything you need.  Christ is sufficient and God’s promises are enough for our contentment.  Our reputation as Christians is based on who people think we are based on what they see us do whereas our character as Christians is based on who God knows we are when no one else sees what we do.


Word of TRUTH (Scripture):
T – Truth of Biblical principles or doctrines about how to live a life of faith in Christ as our Savior and Lord in fear (respect) of the triune God (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) and how to delight in His redemption and love for His people globally
R – Revealed to
U – Us in the Scriptures by
T – The
H – Holy Spirit of Truth as He instructs our minds and spirits with the Scriptures of Truth and guides our steps in life until our earthly death and passing into our life eternal.