“A disciple is one who is following Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of Jesus.”

This clear definition of a disciple is simple for people to remember and communicate easily, and it comes from Matthew 4:19, where Jesus said to prospective disciples, “Come, follow me…and I will make you fishers of men.”  His call assumes humility at every level.

Discipleship requires humility from start to finish, but seeing this is not always easy–especially at the beginning.

Basis for this definition is Matthew 4:19 –
“Come follow me”  – A disciple is following Jesus

Submitting to Jesus as leader of our lives takes humility.  If taking instructions from someone else doesn’t expose pride, nothing does!


“And I will make you”  – Is being changed by Jesus

If we want someone to change us, we must be willing to change.  God forms us into the image of his Son as we follow him, which means laying down our rights for the sake of others. 


“Fishers of men”  – Is committed to the mission of Jesus

Submitting to Jesus’ command to go on a mission and teach others to follow him requires humility.  He’s not trying to help us accomplish our dreams or mission in life.  He wants us to join his mission.  

Source:  The Revolutionary Disciple by Jim Putman and Chad Harrington.  Published by HIM Publications, 2021, p 40.  See this book and how it can be purchased on our Resources page.